Founded more than 60 years ago, our company is a worldwide leader in spraying systems for road marking. With our high quality paint and bead guns, we are around five continents in more than 80 countries. Where ever you are, we will reach you.

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Kamber SA is a Swiss company, founded 1956 in Pully, on the shores of Lake Leman by Edwin Kamber.


At the beginning, we provided spraying systems for bodywork and cabinet making. In the 1960’s, we specialized in road marking field, when Europe started using retroreflecting road marking systems.


Our business has expanded further by developing a range of products for different types of surface marking. This has become comfortable for us knowing that, our clients benefit from the quality of our efficient, high quality and sustainable paint guns and bead guns.


With 95% of our exportation service world-wide, we pride ourselves in delivering high class service and remain loyal to our clients and meet their expectations and more. We like to keep the business authentic; therefore, we are still based by the shores of Lake Leman.